When grace is not amazing

I know the first thing people think when they read some of my blog post titles is “Man is this guy really a preacher?”. But I can assure you there is always a drive and purpose to my titles. And this one in particular hits a very sensitive subject with me and I hope by the end of this post you will be able to see why.

People may call me a legalist but in reality I am only here to preach the full council of the gospel and that includes the law of which without grace cannot be amazing or allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in transforming the sinner.

It was John Newton, the writer of “Amazing Grace,” who said that a wrong understanding of the harmony between Law and grace would produce “error on the left and the right hand.” I don’t know if any of us could claim to have a better understanding of grace than the one who penned such a hymn.

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Will the real gospel please stand up?

In a world full of just about every type of preacher imaginable it has recently come to my attention that in my lifetime I have only heard a few preachers actually preach a sin convicting gospel message. I realize that should not be  much of a shocker as I did not attend church all that much growing up, however as a nation that on the surface proclaims to be largely Christian how is it that the messengers have lost the very thing they were sent to proclaim?

I know that asking this question is just about as futile now as it was in Jesus’ day when He confronted the Jewish leaders regarding their message. But it seems to me it was not that long ago in America a man could expect  a little conviction when he walked in and sat down in a pew. Seems to me somewhere along the line the need to preach divine law and allow the holy spirit to do His job got intermingled with a man made gospel that fills seats to the point old basketball gymnasiums are now “churches”.

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